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Viveur “ambiences” – what do we mean by that?

At Viveur we think about the interior environment in a very unique way, and this informs everything we do. We call the results “ambiences”.

Most engineers treat each part of the environment as separate. So you have specialists for the interior design, the lighting, the air-conditioning, and so on. Different disciplines are important, and they do need experts for each field.

But it is critical to regard the end result as a single scenario. In this way each of the disciplines are themed together.

Our unique skillset is the parts of the environment that are invisible. This includes the thermal comfort, the fragrance and the air quality. We design all these elements together as an ambience. In this way they contribute to each other and build up to an experience, a scene.

The result of our work is that we build a platform for our clients to live their best lives. Whether it’s a yacht or a super-prime residence, we offer our clients a set of ambiences that are unique to them. Viveur collaborates with interior designers to understand the cultural backstory behind each interior. We craft each ambience to create meaning, so that inhabiting the interior becomes a joy.


Specific advantages of Viveur ambiences

Health and wellness

Premium filtration and air quality control are built in. Particulate matter measurement is undertaken and monitored. Biophilic lighting can be incorporated, regulating circadian rhythms, reducing stress and sharpening focus.

Minimise air outlets and grilles

By using radiant technologies, we remove air outlets or grilles. This has advantages for interior designers and eliminates draughts. Entering a Viveur ambience is unique – you can’t tell where the cooling effect is coming from!

Even temperature distribution

We design our projects to the ISO7730 thermal comfort standard. In this way we can achieve lower than 1°C temperature difference across a space, to eliminate drafts.

Modern refrigerant technologies

By using modern refrigerant-based systems Viveur is able to achieve accurate temperature control. Simultaneous heating and cooling ensures a quick response to changes in internal temperature.

See some examples of our specific ambiences here: