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We are Viveur, Artisans of Ambience.

We create a unique sensory experience, by distributing boutique fragrances in fine interiors.

We believe that emotional experiences play a crucial role in bringing humans together, and are insired by the uniqueness of the human sense of scent. No other sense can touch us so fully - our olfactory response is profoundly evocative, and deeply emotional. Every individual has their own fragrance journey through life, and different scents carry layers of personal significance.

Fragrance is invisible artistry, offering an exquisite, pure connection with Mother Nature. Our custom-built machines offer a consistent and controllable client experience.


Some writings that tell the detail of our story.


With a deep understanding of the super-prime residential and superyacht markets, it is our privilege to assist our clients with the enhancement of their interiors.

Miles Cantley - Small

Miles Guy Cantley

Founder and Creative Director

Gavin Cantley

Co-Founder (Technical)

Andrew Barber

Luxury Experience Consultant