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Fragrancing for Superyachts


A unique sensory experience

Olfactory Science

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful; it reaches unique areas of the brain. These 'olfactory regions' also come into play when we experience emotions, and when we memorise events. This is why fragrances evoke very strong associations with situations and places, embedding deep-seated recollections.


Enhance your wellbeing with aromatherapy

We diffuse the artistic creations of the Master Perfumer throughout your interior, adding a unique level of sensory experience. Wind down in the evening with the calming scent of lavender, relaxing the body and mind to improve sleep quality. Awaken refreshed in the morning with the energising scent of mandarin, leaving you in peak position for the day.


The Master Perfumer

Viveur is honoured to be able to work with one of the very few independent Master Perfumers in the world today. Lorenzo Dante Ferro is a master of his art, composing personalized 'Olfactive Architecture' in some of the world's most exclusive locations and projects.


Artisanal Background

Lorenzo Dante Ferro is fortunate indeed to be one of the hundred Master Perfumers in the world. After acquiring extensive, international experience in the world’s most important centres of fragrance creation: Zurich, Grasse, London, New York and Paris, he selected to step out on his own, breaking away from the corporate world of fragrance, to return to his origins. This difficult choice proved to be vital for the creation of perfumes of the finest quality, destined for niche markets, which would rekindle the grand traditions of artistic, Italian fragrance creations.

Fragrance my superyacht