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Emotionally coherent interior design

“Start with the end in mind”. That’s the old adage. How should this be applied to interior design?

It must be a prerequisite to understand how the client wants to feel when he/she/they inhabit this space.

Everything must start from there. Then you have an emotional context to every element of design work that you do.

This gets more complex when you are designing a complete superyacht interior. You must understand the emotional journey that the client is on, when he uses the vessel.

So those are the questions we tease out when we design ambiences for an interior. Once we know how we want to make the client feel, we can create fragrances, specify temperatures, etc.

Here is our process:

Origination from first principles
Listening to the cultural and emotional backstory of the project
Conceptualisation of potential solutions and enhancements

Identification of technologies, materials and products
Setting out project performance and end result
Define costs and detailed project data
Specification review

Overview of technical estate
Management of engineers for project delivery
Understanding of the different perspectives of client and installation teams
Cost and quality management

System testing and validation

Why do we go to these lengths to ensure that there is a coherence to the interior design? Because our clients are looking for a something extremely specific and special when they come on board.

They are typically highly intelligent and able people whose time is at a premium, and our raison d’etre is to give them the best platform possible to live their fullest life.