Some of our Ambiences

We have developed a number of specific "Ambiences" to improve your experience of the varied spaces in your superyacht. Here are some of them. Any one of these can be customised to your perfect environment, and we are always interested in developing unique ones to match your desires!

Create your own


Designed for the perfect slumber. Stimulate your deepest sleep cycles, and awake feeling blissfully refreshed and ready for the day.

Comprised of a lighting blackout, gentle air movement with a hint of lavender for relaxation, and optional low level white noise or noise cancelling technology.



Inspired by your chillaxing places. Perfect for the below deck media room, cinema or lounging area

Enhance your movie experience with immersive systems tailored to the specific film, or de-stress with a classical or country sound track, allied to bergamot healing scents and soft layers of warm lighting throughout the space.



For those special and intimate moments

The fragrant scent of ylang ylang diffusing throughout the bedroom soothes away the effects of the day, allowing your most intimate relationships to flourish in a deep red, warm environment, away from the responsibilities of life.



Stimulate the juices of productivity

With heating and cooling offering simultaneous radiant warmth and cool airflow, this ambience adds a gentle suggestion of spearmint for enhanced focus, with low level indirect blue or green colour wash effects and your chosen background soundtrack.



For those that enjoy pumping iron in the gym

Red, yellow or purple lighting effects assist the intensity and motivation or your workouts, along with a cooler temperature, increased directional airflow and scents of sweet orange and rosewood. Add your favourite heavier backing track and you're good to go!



aka 'Party mode'! Enjoy your onboard get-togethers in the perfect environment.

Your favourite rave soundtrack sprinkled with a disco lighting atmosphere, a very light touch of cheering cinnamon and a cooler high-flow temperature to keep the pulses racing throughout the evening.