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Coming down to the hard facts of the services we can offer you and your superyacht builder. More detail about specifics can be found in our Configurator

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Concepts and Imagination

Starting from your needs and first principles, we conceptualise solutions that fit the need. Experience, engineering nous, materials technologies and information technologies combined to create genuinely new results. A creative process both constrained and liberated by science and technology.

Design and Insight

Working from the concept brief, our teams identify the techniques, materials and products that will work to create the extraordinary results sought, and set out what the project performance will be, define the costs, weight and size data and any specific limitations that may need to be considered.

Project Management

Taking an overview of your technical estate onboard and managing engineers to implement and maintain economic operation. Bringing together the different disciplines, services, trades and cultures involved in creating a successful system.

Construction and Installation

Fabrication for application-specific requirements and where appropriate commercial products do not exist. Working around these constraints to assemble the system.


Finally the finished system is ready to test to the max, performance to be confirmed, and any adjustments needed to be documented. At this stage a detailed review is conducted to prove the validity of techniques used, and learn from each result in detail to optimise ongoing design and maintenance.


Regular servicing and updates to the systems keep the performance as fresh as on the commissioning day. This is especially important with the current emphasis on wellness and ensuring that the air quality is high as possible.


Expectations of comfort, wellness, security, and visibility have never been greater. The internet of things, so called, means that previously unconnected devices are providing data, and opening opportunities for control never before seen. The relentless economic pressure to achieve more for less presents unique challenges, but serious opportunities.