Some of our Concepts

Many of the innovations that have been employed in buildings, automotive or defence applications have not yet been applied to the superyacht space, leaving innovative companies with a huge opportunity. We make it our business to ensure that there is as much technology transfer as possible for the benefit of our customers. It is even possible to replicate your home or private jet experience onboard. Visit our Configurator to design the perfect system for you.

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Like lighting scenes or 3D virtual reality experiences, we create a set of ambiences for your perfect interior. Comprising acoustic, thermal, olfactory and visual elements, we provide a bespoke sensory experience just for your personal space. All selectable at the touch of a button or voice command.

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Scent Diffusion

Featuring advanced molecular breakdown and diffusion of essential oils throughout the space, it is possible to create powerful and memorable experiences by tailoring the scent applied to each interior space.


Perforated or stretch ceilings

The best way to ensure optimum distribution of airflow round any space, avoiding any grilles or diffusers, or any other visual disturbance to the interior decor. This technology spreads the airflow around the entire ceiling, creating a very gentle sensation of air movement everywhere.

Variable refrigerant flow and volume

Very accurate temperature control of a space can be achieved by careful regulation of the refrigerant flow to each fan coil, as well as avoiding drafts of hot or cold air. It also allows simultaneous heating in one area and cooling in another.

Combined Heat and Power

A huge amount of heat tends to be thrown overboard from the engine water jacket, which could be harvested for heating the vessel in cooler or Polar climates.

Energy efficiency and harvesting

Considering that many superyachts frequently inhabit very warm areas of the globe, there is an opportunity to utilise improving solar panel technology. When combined with skilful control strategies and understanding of the vessel usage profile, it is possible to greatly decrease energy consumption, limiting environmental impact and increasing vessel range.

Advanced controls

Advances in AI as of recent years make it possible to control your interior systems by the use of the voice alone, or with invisible touchscreens built into bulkhead, with gesture control for system changes.

Hot water regeneration

Ever considered using the heat from your server cupboard and A/V rack, and putting it into your hot water system? Waste nothing on board, and ensure your yacht is as environmentally friendly as possible.