We don't like talking about ourselves, because this should be all about YOU. Your experience, your comfort, the feeling you have when you're enjoying life.

But it's only fair to tell you a bit about what we do....

The 'Shtick'

We create ambiences, total immersive experiences including control of temperature, humidity, airflow, scent, sound, colour and brightness.

Using technologies mostly applied to the building and high-end residential environments, we ensure that you don't even notice the systems under the surface. And that they work for you even when you're not looking.

#artisans of ambience


To understand a bit more about what makes us tick and what we care about, have a look at our Brand DNA document.

P.S. It's quite simple; our four values are synergy, dynamism, originality and privacy.


Our partners are critical in the delivery of the products and services that you use every day on board. Without them we couldn't do what we do. So they are chosen carefully, and monitored regularly to ensure quality.


Many of our projects are confidential and we take the privacy of our users more seriously than most companies (it's not hard, to be fair)... and testimonials aren't always meaningful without a well-known name attached!


We have been involved in the " sci-art " of creating interior environments for all of our working lives. This is primarily in the field of airconditioning and heating, where we have serviced a huge range of environments, from high-end apartments in Canary Wharf, to quarries buried deep in the English countryside.

Viveur was born out of two things - an immense frustration with the confrontational nature of the construction industry (you have to have rocks in your head to do it well), and a desire to find other more specialist areas of business where our unique advantages could be of value to customers. We have lit on the superyacht industry as an area offering huge potential, as it is a comparatively small market in global terms, with consequent R & D challenges, and yet a strong desire for the ultimate systems and services out there. We will be taking the Viveur ambience concept into other markets in the future.

Advantages we have

  • We're business owners ourselves. This consequently means we understand the pressures and needs of being in business. We're not just airy-fairy inventors!
  • We have a keen interest in the technical aspects of how systems function, and think nothing of diving into control algorithms and the physical side of our work, to ensure maximum results.
  • We're based in London, and have the benefit of using the No. 1 business language in the world, as well as being in a country renowned for technical innovation and progress.
  • We're global in outlook, and love other cultures and interests. Brexit bothers us not a jot!
  • We have business interests in a wide range of fields, including construction, marine, defence and IT. This gives us a completely unique perspective on the issues that we face and offers huge potential for technology transfer and synergy across markets.
  • We are small and agile by design, and can't stand large organisations with stupid procedures, inflexible rules and brick-headed confrontations. (See why we don't like construction?)

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